Overview of Whitework Embroidery, Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, Whitework Embroidery at its simplest is any embroidery worked in white thread on white fabric. It has been around in many forms since the 1500s. Whitework grew even more popular during the late 18th century and boomed during the early 19th. During this time, Whitework branched off into a number
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Overview of Whitework Embroidery, Part 1

Whitework is unique as one of the few types of embroidery that has rarely, if ever, gone out of style. It is commonly found on undergarments, caps, aprons, collars, sleeves, baby clothes, and christening gowns across many eras. Once in a while it reaches even greater popularity, as it did during both the Regency and
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Overview of Historical Embroidery Styles, Part 4

Today I’m taking a look at the embroidery of the early 1800s. Not much changes in the first few years, with 18th century embroidery styles still very popular. I left off with Whitework, and so that’s where I pick back up. Whitework As we move into the Regency era, the use and variety of Whitework
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18th c court suit

Embroidery Inspiration – 18th Century Embroidery Styles

The 18th century was a glorious time for embroidery, and a sample from that era ends up in nearly every one of my Embroidery Inspiration posts. However, individual items don’t really give you an idea of what was happening during the century. So this week, let’s take a walk through the timeline of 18th century
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Embroidery Inspiration – White as Snow

It’s mid-January, and it seems like everyone is getting snowed in. So this week I thought I’d take a look at an assortment of snowy white embroidery. We’ve already seen a fair amount of whitework when we looked at infant clothing and aprons. You’ll also find seemingly endless numbers of white Regency gowns. I’ll be skipping
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Embroidery Inspiration – Baby New Year

In a tradition stretching back to ancient Greece, the New Year is often represented as a baby. With this in mind, I thought it would be fitting to start my series of weekly embroidery inspiration posts with images of beautifully embroidered infants’ clothing.  The majority of embroidery for infants is some form of whitework, which
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