A Season of Change

This is a far more personal post than I usually make. I’m sharing because maybe someone else needs to hear it and feel a little less alone. Maybe you’re just curious about what is happening behind the scenes. I began 2020 with a sense of overwhelming change in the air. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced
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It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately, since I haven’t had any time to sew in the last few weeks. I’ve been itching to do more work on both personal projects and the linen waistcoat, but it’s had to wait. I’ve taken a couple weeks off to focus on life – packing, painting, moving,
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Moving day!

I’ve been hard at work this week making updates to the business website, and I’m excited to give you all a tour! First up, I have updated the Home page and overall look of the website, making it cleaner and simpler for both me and you. The business has made some major changes this year, and
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