Giveaway – “Fashion from the Frame”

I recently stumbled across mention of an exhibit at the Bavarian National Museum titled “Mode aus dem Rahmen,” or Fashion from the Frame, focusing on “precious embroidered clothing of the late 18th century.”  Naturally, I wanted to learn more – and see some pictures! I did find the museum website, as well as a blog post
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18th Century Button – Free Download for Subscribers

Remember the 18th century button I’ve been working on? After a bit more tweaking, I’m finally happy with how it is looking.  What do you think? This 18th century button is embroidered with silk thread on creamy silk satin, then wrapped around a wooden button mould from Burnley and Trowbridge.  The finished button is only
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Cutwork borders – a tutorial and a freebie!

One of the features in my first few designs is the option to make cutwork borders as part of the embroidery process, creating a neatly finished edge like you find in hand sewn and manufactured goods. Since this may not be familiar to many of you, I wanted to post a quick tutorial as well as a freebie
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