In the studio

There is lots going on in the studio right now, but no pictures – yet.

– I just finished sawing, sanding, padding, and covering one of the foam display forms to be a fairly accurate body double for myself. The finished form looks like it should work for both modern and historic garments. I tried on all my corsets on both of us, and the measurements are very close. I’m very excited that I no longer have to beg someone to come fit me when it’s my turn for new clothes.
– An 18th century polonaise in a red and ivory floral with an ivory linen petticoat. To be paired with a low-crowned straw hat.
– A chemise a la reine, or more precisely, a gaulle, since I’m planning to make it with a fitted back and that seems to be the difference between the two styles. When I was in LA, I picked up yards and yards of sheer striped fabric by the pound, in a dusty aqua and a medium-bright pink. 6 yards of the pink went into a pot with some Rit color remover, and I now have sheer white but still faintly pink fabric for the gaulle. I found pink silk taffeta for a sash and hat trimmings.
– Big floofy hedgehog wigs to go with both the 18th century outfits. I’ve never worn or worked with wigs before, so flying by the seat of my pants, but it’s kind of fun.
– I’m working on a commissioned apron, and finally found the colors and print I had in mind so that can get started in earnest.
– Still finishing a 50’s-inspired chiffon gown with a pleated bodice. It’s for ballroom dance, and the stretch factor has been a real challenge, causing it to take many times longer than a regular, woven fabric gown would have taken. It’s pretty much finished, and though it is not exactly what I was aiming for, the client seems happy with it. The invisible zip was fighting us, so I have a new zipper by a different manufacturer, and we’ll see if that finally gets this project out the door.

I have a long list of projects after this, including some 1890’s pieces for day and evening, a 1918 blouse and skirt to finish up, an 18th century jacket and more petticoats, starting projects for the 1812/1912 DPP, and that damn 18th century coat from the last DPP. I’ve been avoiding it since February, a little afraid to go assess the mistake I made during the last frantic push to finish. But, I want him to wear it for Bastille Day, which is approaching quickly, so I need to take a look at it soon.

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