DPP – Coat Progress and Decisions

Parts of the coat are coming along nicely:

Coat front being embroidered.

Coat pocket and lining fabric.

Coat buttons.

The fronts and back vents are embroidered, pocket flaps spangled and assembled, sleeves cut and sewn, cuffs embroidered, lining cut and sewn. Most of the major pieces are there.

That said, it’s really not ready for assembly. The DPP deadline is looming, and even with as close as I am, there is no way to finish this coat well in time to submit it for the project. It’s a tough decision. Without the coat, I feel like the submission is lacking completion, even though I am very proud of the pieces I have completed. With the coat, I feel like the submission could suffer because the focal point of the outfit wouldn’t be up to the same quality as the rest of it.

There is just barely enough blue silk to make this coat. I really don’t want to mess it up because I am hurrying. Also, the more I work with it, with this deadline looming, the more stress I feel and the less I like the coat. I need some breathing room, some time away from the project, and some perspective so I can come back and finish it properly.

So I’ve made a decision: My DPP entry will be the breeches, shirt and waistcoat. Not what I wanted to submit, but very good pieces and I am proud of them.

4 Responses to “DPP – Coat Progress and Decisions

  • I absolutely love your entry for the DPP! I am curious if you’ll share your sources for the embroidery files you used/adapted. I am new to machine embroidery and would really like to learn more! Thanks!

    • Hi Carly, I’m happy to share! The files I started with were the Martha Pullen DAR Museum patterns. There are several waistcoats in that book and the associated embroidery files. She has other books/CDs with patterns suitable for all sorts of whitework for the Regency through Edwardian eras.

      I did adapt the patterns I used quite a bit with embroidery editing software. This was necessary especially for the chain stitch border, since none of the out of the box patterns included anything to outline a pocket, etc. It was a steep learning curve on a project like this, but very rewarding. As you move along your machine embroidery journey, I’d be happy to keep in touch and answer any questions if I can. – Denise

  • Sweet! I’ve been wanting to do a coat and waistcoat forever. Just can’t find the tiiiime!!!

    • Oh dear, the time. I can’t count how many hours are in this, and it really needed so many more. I’d love to see it when you do start one, though!

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