18th Century Ribbon Embroidery Collection e-Book



18th Century Ribbon Embroidery Collection e-Book


This is a collection of 18th Century Ribbon Embroidery designs collected from extant examples, in the form of a PDF e-book.  This is a mix-and-match collection of borders and motifs, which can be used to recreate existing pieces as well as your own unique designs. The designs are perfect for small, decorative projects like muffs and workbags, or whatever else sparks your imagination.


  • 8 straight borders
  • 5 curving borders with corners
  • 10 circles and ovals in 2 sizes
  • 30 floral designs
  • 7 swags
  • 10 accents
  • Full monogram alphabet
  • Embroidery stitch instructions
  • How to over-dye ribbons for 18th century effects
  • Project Ideas
  • Patterns + Sewing Instructions for muffs and workbags
  • Bibliography & Resources
  • Over 165 pages of designs + instruction



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