New Year Embroidery Giveaways

As the new year approaches, do you have any goals to learn or perfect a skill next year? If embroidery is on your list, read on!

Learn a New Skill

Starting January 1st, I’m running another round of my popular Beginning Hand Embroidery class. In this class, we cover a dozen basic embroidery stitches that will give you the skills to tackle your first embroidery projects. It’s also great for brushing up skills that have gotten rusty!

This class is FREE when you join between December 20th and January 5th. Sign up at Teachable, then come join us in the Facebook group. Lessons will be posted as Facebook units each week, and students can ask questions and share their work.

Don’t have time right now, or already know some of the stitches? You’ll have access to the Teachable lessons for a lifetime. You can work at your own pace and can ask questions right from the classroom. It’s also a quieter option for those that find Facebook a bit too noisy or distracting.

Dive a Little Deeper

Already have the basics? Build on those skills with my Intermediate Embroidery online class. One lucky reader can win this class for FREE! See the giveaway options below.

This class teaches you an additional 15 embroidery stitches to add dimension and variety to your projects.

Experiment with New Threads

New supplies are another great way to polish your skills. By stitching the same thing in multiple threads, you can learn which ones perfectly accent your design. I always encourage students to play with as many threads as they can find (and afford!)

To that end, I’m also giving away an Au Ver à Soie thread pack. If you don’t already know them, AVS is a family-owned French thread manufacturer celebrating 200 years in 2020. Their threads are a joy to work with and feature in many of my projects. They were the gracious hosts of my 18th c. Passementerie class in Paris and they donated this pack of threads.

This set contains 4 luscious silk threads in shades of turquoise. They are different thicknesses, with different amounts of twist and shine – plus a matching metallic thread! Try them against each other to learn their strengths, or blend them into other projects.

Just for Students!

Speaking of Paris, when I was there in September I picked up a few goodies from Sajou to share with you. One lucky student will get this 1920s-themed embroidery kit to ring in 2020.

Sajou is a revival of an old company of the same name, and their products have a delightful vintage vibe. Shopping there feels like you have stepped back in time! This kit includes 3 shades of silky-smooth Retours du Nord cotton embroidery thread, 3 whimsical thread cards, and a packet of embroidery needles.

Note: This drawing is just for students who have 1) signed up for the Teachable class and 2) joined us in the Facebook group. Remember, the class is free if you sign up December 20-January 5. This is my way of saying thanks for joining us.

To enter, please share a Facebook post with your thoughts about the class – are you excited? Did you already learn from it? Will you take it again? If you prefer, you can leave a review on Facebook. Then tag me (Romantic Recollections or Denise Hendrick) in the Facebook group and let me know what you shared. Come back and add that entry below (don’t worry – I’ll also be double-checking that you get added!)

Enter Today! Good Luck!

Enter below to win one of three great prizes:

  1. Access to my Intermediate Embroidery online class
  2. An Au Ver à Soie thread pack
  3. Just for Existing Students: A 1920s-themed French embroidery kit

Want extra entries? Visit us on social media, comment on the blog, share the class, or become a student. See the widget below for instructions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fine print: I really, really wish I could include everyone in all my giveaways. Unfortunately, international laws are a bit of a tangle, and I’d like to stay on the right side of the rules. To do that, I have to keep entries to US residents only, where state laws allow. Thanks for understanding!

Winners will be selected and notified on January 3rd, 2020. Prizes 1 & 2 are open to anyone who enters above. Prize 3 is only for existing students who follow the instructions above and tag me in the Facebook group. If I draw a winner who does not qualify, another winner will be selected.

22 Responses to “New Year Embroidery Giveaways

  • My mother taught me that if you are going to put in time and effort, use good materials. So I will say, ‘wow, Sajou!’

    Denise’s lessons are extraordinary… and one day soon I will finish them ;sewing deadlines seem to interfere!)

    • I need serious restraint every time I walk into Sajou. They’re in the same small neighborhood as Au Ver à Soie and a Mokuba ribbon shop, as well as tons of fabric stores… so it’s all rather delightful but difficult to choose what to bring home!

  • I’ve been doing embroidery for years, But Denise’s lessons are a good refresher.

  • Ugh why are your giveaways so awesome?? I genuinely can’t decide if I want the class or the thread more. Probably the thread though, because I’m awful about going outside my comfort zone to buy “‘nice” supplies. I’ve seriously learned so much from you though!! ❤️

    • Good luck! Nice threads really do make a difference, but it’s also hard to spring for them when you’re starting out or need to buy online. I do love picking them out for classes and giveaways though!

  • Sajou sounds absolutely fabulous! Now, to figure out a trip to Paris…

    I’m looking forward to going through the course (again) in the new year!

    • If you ever make it there, I highly recommend a visit, with or without a shopping budget.

  • I would live to win that beautiful thread kit. I’ve learned while knitting that materials make the difference! Looking forward to your class!

    • Yes, materials are so important. I always encourage students that if they hate a technique, try it with different materials because sometimes it’s the thread/yarn/etc and not you. Good luck!

  • I am signed up for the embroidery class an I’m so excited!!

  • The thread kit would be great, I want to make my grand daughter a dress for easter.

  • I think I’d want the class!! I need to get motivated to actually learn embroidery techniques and I think winning the class would be just the boost I’d need!

  • I’d love to win the intermediate embroidery class so I can go straight from the beginner class! Thanks for offering these awesome prizes!

    • That’s a great plan! If you don’t win, watch for a discount on the intermediate class as the beginner class winds down. 🙂

  • I already bought the Intermediate class so I’m hoping for the beautiful thread.

  • Left a recommendation on the page a couple times and sent the link to a friend Greg Leopold who is getting into embroidery and tagged him on the facebook page as well. Thanks for the give away!

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