Historical Hand Embroidery Patterns Are Here!

NEW! Historical Hand Embroidery Patterns

Historical hand embroidery patterns

The second most frequently asked question* this year has been, “do you sell historical hand embroidery patterns?” Finally, I can say YES! Romantic Recollections now offers historical hand embroidery patterns, machine embroidery designs, and custom orders.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks, crafting the new PDF format so that the historical hand embroidery patterns would be accompanied by just as much information as our machine embroidery designs.  I have most of the designs in the shop already, and I’ve also added banners to the product photos so it’s clear which format of the design you’re looking at. From here on out, I’ll release all my designs in in both formats, including custom orders where feasible.

So what is in one of these PDFs? They each contain historical notes, images of the original piece of artwork or item in the museum, an illustration of the overall design, and an extensive resources section. Hand embroidery patterns come with tips for transferring the design to fabric, thread and stitch suggestions, the full size design, and the reversed design.  Machine embroidery PDFs have tips for aligning and matching the pieces of a design and extensive notes on fabric preparation, stabilizers, threads, and more. Some designs, like our 18th c. pocket, also contain an e-pattern for sewing the pocket, and our camisole design contains a full tutorial on using it with the Wearing History 1910s camisole pattern or other patterns.

Once I finish converting the last few designs to hand embroidery format, I’ll be back to work on some new designs, including the Regency waistcoat and the 18th c. fichu I started working on over the summer. Plus, I have a whole long list of ideas for 2016, including more accessories for men and women. If you have a historical hand embroidery pattern you’d love to see added to the shop, please leave a comment below. You’re the reason I’m doing this, and I love hearing your ideas!

PS – Our pre-holiday sale on Accessories ends tomorrow.  Designs like the 18th c. pocket can be machine embroidered and sewn in just a few hours, making a great holiday gift.  If your holiday crafting calendar is full, I still have a few slots left this month for custom orders. The sale code for 15% off is in the banner at the top of the Shop page.


* The #1 question asked is about designs for 18th c. embroidered waistcoats. Those are in the works for 2016, and will include an e-pattern for the waistcoat as well as embroidery perfectly fitted to the pattern. Stay tuned for more information!

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  • Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. I love embroidery and do a lot of free hand sewing and stitching, so I think this tutorial is an awesome idea! Thanks for putting it together so that more people can learn this awesome art and craft form!

  • I appreciate your blog and also like your embroidery & information. Thanks for putting so much efforts in it!

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