1823 Eyelet Border

When browsing through possible design ideas, this border from the June 1823 edition of Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics caught my eye because it is reminiscent of many of the scalloped borders I keep pinning to Pinterest for inspiration. For example, this hem of this gown from the Kent State Museum
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18th c. Embroidered Waistcoats

Without question, what most people ask me for are 18th c. embroidered waistcoats. It makes sense, since that was the first truly ambitious embroidery project I tackled, and to this day, it’s still my favorite. Last year I made a second version of the same waistcoat, this time in much more muted grey tones on white linen, to match
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June 1826 Muslin Pattern

Here’s a sneak peak at an embroidery design that is almost ready to be released. It’s a c. 1826 muslin pattern from the June edition of Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics. The original 1826 muslin pattern included one corner and a partial border. The edge is comprised of delicate scallops and
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Swimming in Swatches

No matter the type of handiwork, I’ve always hated making swatches. I do them because I know how valuable they are, but it’s still my least favorite part of a project. So of course, I decided to launch an idea that would require me to swatch things over and over and over again until they’re
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Costumes for Sale

I am such a sporadic blogger that I don’t know if anyone is even still reading along.  However, I am selling off some of the sample pieces I’ve featured here, and I wanted to spread the word to anyone still following.  Time to clean out the closets and make room for new projects! NOTE: Most
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Mr. Darcy Comes to Visit

This is my 2011 Double Period Project for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d.  I don’t have pictures of the process, as I was generally working in a hurry and kept forgetting to take pictures along the way.  I do have some notes, and will try to give as much background as I can. Menswear is still pretty
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Regency Stays

This is my 2011 Double Period Project for Foundations Revealed.  I worked on this project in my free time around clients, and kept forgetting to take pictures of the process.  I took some notes for the dress diary, and will try to fill in as much as I can. Inspiration: When trying to research stays
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