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The 10 foot Fichu

I make samples of all my products before I put them up for sale, because I want you to see real examples, not just a rendered drawing of what it might look like. For something like a border, I simply stitch out enough repeats to give a good impression of how it would look on a gown.
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Costume College 2015

I look forward to Costume College every year, because not only do I learn a ton from other talented costumers, I get to reconnect with friends from around the world. Previous years have planted the seeds for some of the collaborations that blossomed this year, and I value the connections I’ve made with other female business
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Camisole Eyelet Tutorial

The 1910 Camisole with Bows is almost ready for release! As I was working through a sample based on the Wearing History 1910’s Camisole or Corset Cover, I found one tricky bit that’s easier explained in pictures, so I wanted to put together a camisole eyelet tutorial for you. This is a great technique for any
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I’ve met so many wonderful people in the costuming community over the years, and this spring and summer I’ve been lucky enough for several of those connections to turn into collaborations. Since one has already launched and another is very close, it’s high time I told you a little more about them. After a trip
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It’s been a bit quiet around the blog lately, since I haven’t had any time to sew in the last few weeks. I’ve been itching to do more work on both personal projects and the linen waistcoat, but it’s had to wait. I’ve taken a couple weeks off to focus on life – packing, painting, moving,
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Project Update – Striped Linen Waistcoat

If you are a Facebook or Instagram follower, I’ve been teasing you lately with progress photos for the striped linen waistcoat I am recreating. Just to have it all in once place, I figured it was time for a progress update on the blog, too. The inspiration for this project is this pink striped linen waistcoat embroidered with roses
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The myth of perfection

Lauren at Wearing History posted a very honest and inspiring piece last week about how people often only show the shiniest, happiest parts of our lives on social media, and how you never really know what is going on behind the pretty pictures. This blog is full of moments that look good on the surface, but it’s also rather empty for
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Costume College Planning

Costume College always seems to sneak up on me, no matter how much I plan. The reality is that I let business and life come before sewing for myself, and then try to make up the time in July, which really doesn’t work out so well. This year isn’t going to be any easier, since
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Giveaway – “Fashion from the Frame”

I recently stumbled across mention of an exhibit at the Bavarian National Museum titled “Mode aus dem Rahmen,” or Fashion from the Frame, focusing on “precious embroidered clothing of the late 18th century.”  Naturally, I wanted to learn more – and see some pictures! I did find the museum website, as well as a blog post
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18th Century Button – Free Download for Subscribers

Remember the 18th century button I’ve been working on? After a bit more tweaking, I’m finally happy with how it is looking.  What do you think? This 18th century button is embroidered with silk thread on creamy silk satin, then wrapped around a wooden button mould from Burnley and Trowbridge.  The finished button is only
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