Embroidery Giveaway – Hearts and Dots Border

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so for February I’m giving away a copy of my “Hearts and Dots” floral border. This design is based on a sketch for muslin embroidery originally published in the January 1816 edition of Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics (top design, below).

The flowers are made up from elongated heart shapes, which creates a sweet and unusual floral design. The border is just 1.2″ wide, making this design light and delicate. 

It’s also quite versatile. From the pieces included, you can create at least 2 borders, a square corner, and an all-over design. This is perfect for making gowns, handkerchiefs, aprons, and other accessories. It would also be a lovely accent on modern skirts and blouses, or home furnishings such as pillowcases.

Enter below to win 1 copy of either the machine or hand embroidery design and PDF download of instructions. This giveaway is only open to those in the United States.

February 2018 Embroidery Giveaway

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3 Responses to “Embroidery Giveaway – Hearts and Dots Border

  • What a pretty design. Would love to have this in my stash of designs.

  • Gorgeous design. Would be lovely stitched on a sheer.

    • I test most designs on sheers partly because they were what the design was intended for, and partly because it can be the trickiest fabric and I want to make sure it’s possible before I send it out in the world. But mostly because they are just so darned pretty. 🙂

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