New Year’s update

I keep saying I am going to blog more, and then the days get away from me and I am silent for far too long. Last fall was busy with a few big projects. 1) a complete overhaul of a client’s Civil War era wardrobe and all the underpinnings. This included day bodices, evening bodices,
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DPP – Coat Progress and Decisions

Parts of the coat are coming along nicely: The fronts and back vents are embroidered, pocket flaps spangled and assembled, sleeves cut and sewn, cuffs embroidered, lining cut and sewn. Most of the major pieces are there. That said, it’s really not ready for assembly. The DPP deadline is looming, and even with as close
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DPP – Waistcoat

The waistcoat for the DPP is finished. Here’s a recap of some of the steps along the way. First the pattern was drafted, mocked up, and fitted. Once the pattern was right, I started arranging the embroidery files to fit the pattern exactly. I ended up using a sprig and rosebud as a border, with
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