Guide to Stabilizers e-Book



Guide to Stabilizers e-Book



Machine embroidery on fine fabrics like linen, wool, and silk can present unique challenges and can even make an experienced embroiderer nervous. What are the best stabilizer options? Can you stabilize your fabric without sacrificing the drape and hand of the final garment? What do you use when you can’t wash or even hoop the fabric?

The Romantic Recollections Guide to Stabilizers for Historical Costuming Fabrics answers all these questions and more! It includes 44 pages of tips, tricks, and recommendations illustrated with full-color photos to inspire you to create the embroidery projects of your dreams. This guide will help you identify the products and techniques to successfully embroider almost any fine fabric while maintaining the delicate hand and period look of your project.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • A description of the different types of stabilizers, with their pros and cons
  • How to keep your projects from getting weighed down by heavy stabilizers
  • Additional tips and tools for stabilizing your fabric
  • Why you should be using liquid stabilizer, and how to make your own
  • A tutorial on how to stabilize delicate fabrics without hooping
  • Recommendations for all weights and weaves of cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics

The Guide to Stabilizers for Historical Costuming Fabrics is perfect for those who love period garments, heirloom embroidery, and couture sewing. You’ll have the culmination of all my research at your fingertips so you can move straight to the fun part – embroidering your project.


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