18th c. Fichu – Corner Options

I’m working on the 18th c. fichu from the Met this weekend, designing a corner (or maybe two) and some engageantes to match the border and tapered end I created in August. This involves a bit of guesswork, since there is only one view of the fichu on the museum’s website, and no information about
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Hand embroidery designs are here!

  The second most frequently asked question* this year has been, “do you sell hand embroidery designs?” Finally, I can say YES!  Romantic Recollections now offers  hand embroidery patterns, machine embroidery designs, and custom orders. I’ve been busy these past few weeks, crafting the new PDF format so that the hand embroidery patterns would be accompanied by just as
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A Regency bonnet veil

Earlier this summer I received an inquiry about making a Regency bonnet veil, which was exciting because I hadn’t considered that application for my embroidery designs. The inspiration example showed a length of wide antique lace, very delicate and flowing. Of course, embroidery and lace are different, but good lace in wide widths can be difficult
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The 10 foot Fichu

I make samples of all my products before I put them up for sale, because I want you to see real examples, not just a rendered drawing of what it might look like. For something like a border, I simply stitch out enough repeats to give a good impression of how it would look on a gown.
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Ongoing Projects – April 2015

There is so much going on in the studio right now, but I don’t feel like I have very much to show for it. Here are a few of the things keeping me busy. For one, I’m working through a massive studio de-stashing.  I’m moving this summer into a smaller space, and I’m finally admitting I’m
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18th century pocket, and more

A year ago, I was thinking about how I wanted to launch my range of embroidery designs. I felt it wasn’t enough just to create a period design and put it out on the internet. I also wanted to create beautiful samples that would get people excited and imaginations running. I didn’t want a lone design out
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