Bespoke Garments


18th century court suit with embroidered waistcoat.

Photo by Holly Hendrick

Are visions of 18th century court suits and delicately embroidered Regency gowns dancing in your head? Is there a portrait you wish you could bring to life? Romantic Recollections can help you create the outfit of your dreams, whether that’s a meticulously researched reproduction piece or a fanciful, historically-inspired costume.

Whether you need an entire outfit from underpinnings to millinery, or just a single piece to accent your existing wardrobe, it all starts with your inspiration. We work closely with you on all aspects of the project, from research and design to finding the right fabrics and creating the necessary accessories. Using our extensive library of antique magazines, fabric swatches, books, and other relevant materials, we can create high quality garments and patterns fitted to you and your individual needs.


Photo by Holly Hendrick

It is the details that make an outfit stand out, and we delight in finding beautiful fabrics, vintage lace and trim, hand made buttons, and other notions to enhance your project. Careful tailoring, heirloom sewing, and period construction techniques make your garment truly unique and add to the period impression you wish to portray. At the same time, we also use modern tools and methods, when appropriate, to streamline the process and keep projects affordable. Special touches like our historically-inspired machine embroidery mix the best of period and modern techniques.


Photo by Libby Lewis

Since these are unique, one of a kind pieces, prices will vary according to the details of the individual project. The starting price for a selection of sample projects are listed below:

  • Men’s 18th century embroidered waistcoat panels, to be made up by your tailor, $500-750.
  • Men’s 18th century waistcoat, embroidered in silk thread on silk satin, with handmade buttons, hand sewn real metal spangles, and made to fit your measurements, $1,000-1,500.
  • Men’s 18th century court suit, embroidered in silk thread on silk satin, made to your measurements, $2,500-4,000.
  • Complete set of 18th muslin accessories – fichu, apron, and engageantes, $400-700.
  • Embroidered Regency muslin gown, made to your measurements, $800-1,200.


Please take a look around, and then use the Contact Us button to the right to discuss how we can make your historic costuming dreams come true.